Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Hello! I am currently writing this post from my beautiful home in Goddard, Kansas. We have a three-day weekend (holla!) and I definitely needed to decompress at home for a few days!

This week we had parent-teacher conferences Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and all day today. We've been very busy! It was so great to finally meet all the parents and get to know them a little better. I got to lead a conference today, and it went pretty well. I'm very glad they're over, though! Time consuming and exhausting!!

We also had our Valentine's Day party this week. Definitely interesting to be on the other side of things! I loooooved V-Day as a kid! I love it as a teacher, too, but it is more work on this side! And it's hard teaching lessons right before their party!! :)

I will be finishing up my unit next week. I will assess them on Wednesday and see how much they learned! They had soooo much fun with the activities they did this week. They created a gallon guy/girl and had to measure each of his/her "limbs." They did so great! They also learned a story to help them remember about cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
In the land of Gallon, there were four queens (quarts). Each queen had a prince and princess (pints). Each prince and princess had two children (cups). 
They got a kick out of that. :) Much easier to remember all the equivalencies with that story! Honestly, I couldn't remember how many pints went into one quart before I started teaching my measuring unit...

We have been working hard to prepare for state assessments. They have been troopers and have been taking so many formative tests. They probably take 2-3 per week. Poor kids...but I have a great feeling that all of the kiddos are going to do awesome during state assessment time!!

I'm getting more and more attached to these kids. It will be so hard to leave them in April to go to fourth grade. Thankfully, I will literally be right across the hall from them, so I will get to see them every day. But they will always have a really special place in my heart!! I wonder how it will be when I have a real classroom and have the kids for a whole year!

Time for bed. At 9:50. On a Thursday night. Don't be jealous.

Miss Wallisch

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